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Lark Valley Soft Tissue Therapy are a friendly, family-run clinic based just outside Bury St Edmunds. We offer injury rehabilitation, pre-pointe assessments, sports and remedial massage, and soft tissue therapy.

Therapist - Rachel Canham-Maddock MSc

Rachel's background is in ballet, which she taught for a number of years after graduating from the Royal Academy of Dance. It was here she developed an interest in pointework and dance injuries. She then studied for an MSc in Dance Science which presented many opportunities to further her knowledge, and led her to develop Pre-Pointe assessments for students. After experiencing a number of injuries herself, and struggling to find a therapist who understood the demands of dance, she decided to take the plunge and train as a Soft Tissue Therapist so she could help other people in her situation. After several delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she qualified with a Level 5 Diploma from Cambridge School of Sports Massage in October 2021.

Administrator - Ashley Maddock

Ashley is our administrator, receptionist and bookkeeper. He keeps everything rolling behind the scenes alongside raising the three youngest members of the family.

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Do you have aches, pains and niggles? Are the stresses of your day-to-day life starting to affect you physically? Our bodies are not designed for 21st century life, which can often result in discomfort and pain. Deep tissue massage, or sports massage, isn't just for athletes - everyone can benefit from a hands on treatment! 


We can treat any type of musculoskeletal injury whether it's a stiff neck from long hours at the computer, a bad back from heavy lifting, or an injured ankle from running. We specialise particularly in dance injuries but enjoy working with clients from all backgrounds.


Pregnancy and birth is one of the greatest challenges our bodies will ever experience, yet this is the time when it is hardest to access treatment. At Lark Valley Soft Tissue Therapy we are pleased to be able to offer home visits to pregnant women, and new parents with babies under 6 months, at the same cost as a clinic appointment. If you'd like a treatment at our clinic and need to bring baby along too, we can offer flexible appointment times, meaning that you can take a break for feeding, changing or settling your baby without losing any treatment time.

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The age-old debate of when young ballet students should begin pointework has been causing headaches for teachers, students and parents for decades. We offer an objective pointe-readiness assessment based on up-to-date research that can give teachers and parents the reassurance that their young dancer is ready to safely begin working en pointe, thus reducing their risk of injury and enabling them to reach their full potential.


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